Jury Prize at Atlantic City Film Festival

Jury Prize at Atlantic City Film Festival

Gabriel 6 : a film by Brett Bagenstose and Tony Kopetchny (from Neo-Pangea) won the Jury Prize for Short Film at the 1999 Atlantic City Film Festival. Gabriel 6 was part of a week long festival highlighting films and videos from around the world. The festival took place at various locations in and around the Atlantic City casino area.

In an alternate universe, mankind has become a victim to it's own technology. As the world crumbles around them, humans fight to regain their hold on the planet.

One young man, stricken by the pain of his unnatural life, searches to find a solution to man's struggle. his solution is to usher the Earth into it's final battle. the battle between Heaven and Hell.

A Film By
Brett Bagenstose
Tony Kopetchny

Ivan Collazo
Sean Owens
John Carmello