2nd Trailer & Philly Screening
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2nd Trailer & Philly Screening

READING, PA (Thursday, June 10, 2004) Fresh off their impressive debut at Philadelphia's First Glance Film Festival, Neo-Pangea is ready to take over the "City of Brotherly Love" once again. The date: Saturday, June 26, 2004. The time: Noon ET. The venue: The over-450-seat International House located at 3701 Chestnut Street.

While final numbers aren't available, the "Townies" screening was said to be the First Glance Film Festival's highest turn-out with almost double the ticket sales of any other screening. Director/Producer Brett Bagenstose plans to repeat this performance, "We were really blown-away by the support we got at First Glance. The mood afterwards was great. We hope to see everyone again at the Philly Video Fest... with all their friends and family... and people they meet on the street. We'd really appreciate that."

Between completing the final stages of post-production, the "Townies" summer movie festival tour, and the recent addition of a new 8-pound collaborator, Neo-Pangea has been quite busy. However, somewhere in their hectic schedule they still found the time to create a new, longer trailer that better illustrates the plot —Enjoy!

"Townies" is the story Jake Slate, a pizza delivery boy/seven-year college student who has come to a crossroads in his life. Down one path lies the same friends, the same parties, and the same feelings of inadequacy. Down the other, a promising internship with a Fortune 500 company, a desk, a 401K plan, and a corporate handbook. In the end, Jake must decide if true happiness come from having what you want, or from wanting what you have?