In Tulsa?  See Townies
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In Tulsa? See Townies

Reading, PA (September 14, 2004) — Barely 24 hours after taking Boston by storm, Neo-Pangea is proud to announce they have been accepted into the Bare Bones Film Festival. And what better place than “The World's Friendliest Film Festival” for these down-home PA Dutch boys to pimp their baby. So, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 16, cause that's your next opportunity to see “Townies.”

Shopping cart bowling, varied defecation techniques, and furniture with pornographic pasts are just a few of the sensitive subjects touched upon in this emotional tour de force. “Townies” is the tale of pizza delivery peon Jake Slate, a seven-year college student who is coming to a crossroads in his life. Down one path lies an internship with a Fortune 500 conglomerate and the money, prestige, and comfy chairs that go with it. And down the other, his friends since birth who are going nowhere and having a grand time doing it.

The producers of “Townies” have had quite the busy summer, busting their butts promoting the film in such exotic locations as Philadelphia, Seattle, and Boston. Along the way they have received such accolades as Best Narrative Feature from Boston's Zoinks! Film Festival and Runner Up for Best Feature in Philadelphia's First Glance Film Festival (coming in second by a miniscule one-hundredth of a point to Brian Austin Greene's “Fish Without a Bicycle”).

“Townies” in Tulsa, OK
Bare Bones Film Festival
Sat, Oct 16th 2004
7:00PM, Screen B