Career Day
Press Release

Career Day

Shillington, PA (Wednesday, April 23, 2003) Governor Mifflin High School recently held its 10th Annual Sophomore Career Day. The event featured speakers from such diverse jobs as medical evacuation pilot, neuropsychologist, and general manager for a minor league hockey team. Reading-based digital media production company Neo-Pangea was invited to share its experience in the video, digital, and animation fields. The company sent producers Brett Bagenstose, Gordon Holmes, and Robert Trate to participate in this educational forum.

Speaking in front of a group of fifteen aspiring filmmakers, the trio individually discussed how their educational backgrounds and experience helped make Neo-Pangea productions possible. To show examples of Neo-Pangea's work, the team played the most recent demo reel and the "Townies" teaser trailer, as well as a special sneak preview of the "Townies" soon-to-be-launched website.

The producers answered questions from the students including "What type of programs and equipment do you use for editing?" and most importantly "How much money do you make?"

When asked about how the presentation went, Holmes said, "It was great to have an opportunity to speak with these young people today. Hopefully they learned that you can't make it in this industry without hard work and vision."

"It's also important that they know that this isn't like a career in accounting where a degree will get you a job." Bagenstose added. "We told them to go out and to get as much experience as possible, pick up cables, get people coffee, dress sets, it'll all pay off in the end."