Horror-themed Survivor Parody
Press Release

Horror-themed Survivor Parody

PHILADELPHIA, PA (October 11, 2000) — Neo-Pangea Founder Brett Bagenstose invites you to view their latest effort, "Soul Survivor" at www.neo-pangea.com. "Soul Survivor" parodies the CBS summertime ratings whore "Survivor." However the back-stabbing truck drivers and flamboyant corporate trainers have been replaced by zombies and classic movie monsters.

You know the drill, every 3 days they meet at tribal council to vote a member off. The final winner receives their eternal soul.free from the shackles of oppression. The losers.guest spots on the Hollywood Squares. Nate Trate stars as the arrogant, undermining host, John Carmello, Gordon Holmes, Jen Lubas and Bob Trate portray the dreaded Zombie Alliance while Sean Owens, Brett Bagenstose, Cristen Klinger and Cindy Odem take roles as the Movie Monster Tribe.

The cast and crew of "Soul Survivor" have been working together since 1992. Their early efforts consisted mainly of low-budget horror flicks and sketch comedy. In 1993 they were given the opportunity to shine in their own broadcast cable sketch comedy program, "The Recliners." Drawing inspiration from "The Kids in the Hall," the Recliners were proud to win two consecutive local Cable Ace Awards in their 1993 and 1994 seasons. After a 6 year sabbatical, the troupe reunited to create "The Big Fun Show!" This short animation project won the troupe an honorable mention in the 2000 Playboy Animation Contest. And, in September of 2000 they received the adulation teenage boys worldwide have dreamed about, their troupe name appearing within the pages of Playboy magazine.

Much like their previous efforts, "Soul Survivor" was an example of guerilla filmmaking at it's purest. Facing a Tuesday deadline, the short was conceptualized on Wednesday, a script finalized on Friday, shot on Saturday and Sunday, and scored and edited on Monday. Their method of utilizing improvisational comedy interspersed within the boundaries of the scripted treatment usually brings out the best in all of the participants.

In the future, the cast and crew have set many goals. One of them being longer deadlines.