Principal Photography Complete
Press Release

Principal Photography Complete

READING, PA (Saturday, August 18, 2002) — Shillington-based multimedia company Neo-Pangea has completed the principal photography on their debut feature-length digital video "Townies". In "Townies", Tim Bensch stars as Jake Slate, a pizza delivery boy/seven-year college student who has come to a crossroads in his life. Down one path lies the same friends, the same parties, and the same feelings of inadequacy. Down the other, a promising internship with a Fortune 500 company, a desk, a 401K plan, and a corporate handbook. In the end, does true happiness come from having what you want, or from wanting what you have?

Though the movie is comedic on the surface, the underlying plot is of serious intent. Universal themes of loyalty, belonging, ambition, and personal growth are all dealt with in "Townies" on different levels.

Bagenstose's Neo-Pangea is made up of co-conspirators and collaborators from both his public access days and his professional career. Recently Neo-Pangea's comedic animation, "The Big Fun Show," was featured in Playboy Magazine after winning an honorable mention in its "Comix and Animation Contest." This contest was judged by such luminaries as New Jersey-based director Kevin Smith.

The Neo-Pangea production "Gabriel 6" was screened in such diverse areas as the Netherlands, the Atlantic City Film Festival, and the Museum of Photography in Tokyo, Japan. Neo-Pangea also makes the most of new media. Their "Break-Up Simulator" is credited as the first Flash-based interactive movie ever. Bagenstose also has two Philadelphia Addy Awards and a Macromedia Site of the Day Award under his belt.

Several pick-up shoots have been scheduled to fill in the blanks of the principal photography. Now the producers are speaking with local bands about appearing on the soundtrack, as well as planning their post-production efforts. Tentatively a trailer is scheduled for October of 2002 and Neo-Pangea hopes the final product will be completed in early 2003.