What? The F*ck!
Press Release

What? The F*ck!

This November 25th the mentally deranged producers at Neo-Pangea have put together a screening of short films too hot for the What? Film Festival.

What?: The F@*k! screening is comprised of 90 minutes of adult-themed, uncensored international film & video shorts that we didn't dare to show you during the regular festival (as well a few faves in encore screening). Including a promiscuous animated birdie (banned in London), a naked slumber party gone wrong, and a heart warming story of a young man and his mentor... a puddle of hurl. The short films & videos are interspersed with engaging live comedy and music inside the 024ARTS GALLERY!

The What?: The F@*k! Film Festival! is a vexatious and virile, red-blooded battle against audio-visual mediocrity. In other words, it's a night of irregular comedy, engaging music, and obscure movies in an unusual atmosphere. Expect an eclectic mix of funny, bizarre, fringe and disturbingly alternative films....

We suggest wearing a disguise.

Friday, November 25th, 2005
8:00 PM Doors Open
8:00—9:00 PM Eclectic Music
9:00—10:00 PM The Comedy Stylings of Luke Scanlon
10:00—11:30 PM F'ed-up Short Films
11:30— ? Eclectic Music

When: November 25th (8PM to ?)
Where: Oxygen for the Arts gallery, 515 Canal St. (3rd floor) Reading, PA

Check out how legit we are at www.whatfilmfestival.com

By the way, please do not view our promo video if you have fond memories of puppet shows from your childhood. It may destroy the fabric of your mental stability... it has already made one child cry, but if you don't buy that bull, check it out:

Remember, our festival is not for the squeamish nor the under-aged. There will be scenes containing graphic language, violence, and sexual situations in combinations unfamiliar to the viewer. For this reason, we must restrict viewing to adults in good health. What a waste.