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Created on Mon Nov 21, 2022 by Damon Williams

The following information outlines and documents the multitude of required & optional extended fields available when creating the various “resources” available on our site.

The documentation found here should be a helpful resource meant to assist in creating content resources for the website. Please report any documentation issues or feedback here, i.e., questions, additions, typo's, broken links, etc.

Available Documents by Resource Type

Resource Docs Changelog

Wed. Jul. 26th, 2023

• Updated final resource content documents (match/sync w/wiki format & styling).

Fri. Jul. 21st, 2023

• Merge resource documentation into Neo Wiki.
• Updated various resource content documents (match/sync w/wiki format & styling).

Fri. Dec. 30th, 2022

• Added Social Resources documentation section.
• Updated resource request document (Word) Dropbox links.

Thu. Dec. 15th, 2022

• Added News Resources documentation section.
• Added resource request document (Word) Dropbox links to documentation.

Wed. Nov. 30th, 2022

• Added field-to-page preview/highlight feature to Project Resources documentation.

Mon. Nov. 14th, 2022

• Added Lab Resources documentation section.
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