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Secret Lair
West Reading, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Toronto, Canada
Tampa, Florida
Boulder, Colorado
Griffin, Georgia
Cleveland, Tennessee
Charlottesville, Virginia
Phoenix, Arizona
San Francisco, California
Exhibit 3. D NeoPangea Secret Lair

We are legion; for we are many, and we are one. The many includes you, and together we can unleash our combined creative energy to take a leap into a world we guarantee you’ve never experienced.

While the team members of our collective are spread across the US and Canada, our (not so) secret lair is parked in West Reading, Pennsylvania, and close enough to New York City and Philadelphia to make frequent trips.

So make the call. Send the email. Text us (seriously, give it a try). Let’s create that spark.

Our Remote Locations

  • Charlottesville, VA
    Charlottesville, VA
  • Cleveland, TN
    Cleveland, TN
  • Griffin, GA
    Griffin, GA
  • Tampa, FL
    Tampa, FL
  • Boulder, CO
    Boulder, CO
  • Phoenix, AZ
    Phoenix, AZ
  • San Francisco, CA
    San Francisco, CA
  • Toronto, CAN
    Toronto, CAN

Nearby Destinations

Fig 3. Historical Landmarks
  • Independence Hall - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Secret Lair
    to Philadelphia

    Arrival: 1hr 11min
  • Statue of Liberty - New York City, New York

    Secret Lair
    to New York City

    Arrival: 2hr 42min
  • Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC

    Secret Lair
    to Washington DC

    Arrival: 2hr 52min

We Thought You’d Never Ask.

What you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Yet. That’s where we come in, creating unique solutions for our clients that flabber their ghasts. Let’s discover something fun to create together.

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