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We Craft Social & Digital Campaigns

Break through the clutter with Twitterations, out of home, bus wraps, and Instagrammably-cool content.

It’s a jungle out there, only in this one the last thing you want is camouflage. You need to stand out, in a positive way, to consumers overwhelmed by the content bombardment. That’s why we tap into our collective experience in TV, film, art, and gaming to craft compelling visuals that are not only intriguing but engaging, whether it's a banner ad on a web page or an electronic billboard in Times Square.

  • Paw Patrol: The Movie

    Digital & Social Campaign
  • Orangutan Jungle School

    Fig 1563a. Smithsonian Channel

    Digital Advertising Campaign

    Let these orphaned orangutans melt your heart in a 360 campaign which we created the adorable show branding, style guide, memes, social videos, and a digital campaign.
  • Paramount+ Launch

    Brand Campaign
  • The Misery Index

    Fig 700a. TBS

    Digital & Social Campaign

    A contextually-aware, micro-localized digital campaign gasped and giggled future fans and proved that there are no boundaries in advertising.
  • Brain Games Social Illusions

    Social Media Content
  • Star Trek Universe

    Fig 1710a. Paramount+

    Digital & Social Campaign

    The world of Star Trek is vast and boundless, full of opportunity to explore and create.