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We Envision Worldbuilding & Narrative Extensions

Beyond all of the movies, shows, and brands there are immersive universes. We build them, kinda like gods.

Everyone’s worldbuilding these days. From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Star Wars experiences, to the Marvel and DC extended universes, going beyond the original content is the name of the game. But now that content is overflowing…and that’s a problem when dealing with the constraints of your platform. There’s just not enough time and space. That’s where we come in, enriching the experience of fans and the casually curious with exciting new narratives they’re craving. Whether the details come from adapted source material, a show bible, scripts, or other sources, we’ll tap that rich vein to expand worlds…and minds.

  • Make Mars Home

    Alternate Reality Campaign
  • American Blackout

    Fig 545a. National Geographic Channel


    Witness the catastrophic impact of a national blackout in this online extension that explores what experts project would happen if the entire United States suddenly went dark.
  • Soldier of Steel

  • Zoo Town - A Briarpatch Recap Podcast

    Fig 702a. USA Network


    Dive into the mystery of a fake, true crime podcast that recaps the events of a tv series while pretending to exist within the world of the show!
  • The Purge AR

    Augmented Reality Game