Make Mars Home

Fig 633a. National Geographic Channel

Format: Alternate Reality Campaign c.2016

Be immersed in the story of an alternate-reality future where humanity is en route to Mars, and then use WebVR to enlist for the next mission.

Mars, an ambitious National Geographic Global Event Series, tells the future history of humanity’s greatest adventure: the quest to colonize Mars. Beginning with the first crewed mission to the Red Planet in the year 2033, six episodes infused with pulse-pounding fictional drama and real scientific commentary from the brightest minds of today tell a gripping tale of ambition and hope. Executive producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer deliver an entertaining, realistic take on a historic endeavor that we may live to see in our lifetime thanks to the efforts of some of the visionaries featured in the series.

The Make Mars Home “alternate reality” experience invited visitors to actively participate and to feel the wonder and excitement inherent in every step of a momentous journey to Mars as if it was currently happening. The International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF), the fictional organization sponsoring the mission, and its six-person crew shared mission details from their distinct perspectives for months to expand upon this theoretical future world. A “live” mission tracker and a robust colonist recruitment program used groundbreaking virtual reality simulations, exclusive original content, and a wealth of imagination to draw visitors into the adventure.

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