The Laboratory
of Wonder

At the intersection of surprise and curiosity is a place all NeoPangeans relish visiting on a daily basis. But it’s not just a physical space. It’s a license to dream, experiment, inspire, and forge incredible new creations together. You are always welcome to join us.

If mighty oaks grow from acorns, a veritable forest of exciting new creations comes from the seeds planted in our lab.

How these seeds are planted, well, that’s another part of the great experiment. Many times our clients will task us with creating something way beyond the norm. A prototype. A “what if'' idea. Something to stretch the boundaries but probably won’t see the light of day...until it does because the proof-of-concept is so mind-shatteringly good.

Other projects start out as a labor of love from one of our many “mad scientists,” and these too can cross-pollinate with other ideas and client requests to create the improbable dream.

Now we invite you to enjoy the fruits of these experiments, and the work our clients thought could never be done.

Recent Experimentation


Fig 801a. TBD

Live Broadcast AR Experience

  • EyecandyLabs ACR
  • Unity
  • 8i Volumetric Video
  • Blender


Can we bring the spectacle of WWE superstar intros and events into viewer’s living rooms to immerse them in visceral, gamified action?

Hall of Experimentation