Telekinetic Personalization Machine

Fig 1780a. NeoPangea

Format: Interactive Exhibit c.2024

RFID invisibly enables personalized, accessible, and localized  content.

For well over half a century, RFID tech has given us employee badges, keyless entry, toll road tags, and contactless payments. Handy? Sure. Exciting? Not really. So we asked, what if we could bring RFID roaring into the 21st century? What if it could be used to personalize, localize, and make exhibits, visitor centers, and attractions more exciting and accessible? What if it could magically bring exhibits and attractions to life? And what if, at the same time, we could use the same RFID tech to simplify your life a little? To answer the questions poking the back of our minds, we got to work on a magic little box of tricks. And it’s one that opens exciting new doors for you, your visitors, and your team.

Our little experiment exposes possibilities beyond the tech typically used in exhibitions. A card, badge, bracelet — heck even a magic wand — could contain a built-in RFID chip, starting a very personal journey as soon as your visitors cross your threshold, and they don’t even have to take it out of their pocket. Exhibits can automatically be activated by it, creating a seamless and memorable impression. Languages can instantly switch for non-native speakers. RFID can also provide unique, personalized experiences for varying levels of learning style and ability, physical ability, and those who may have visual or auditory impairments. This old tech is poised to create invaluable new tools for you.

Project Services

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  • Development

RFID. Your new BFF.

As well as enhancing the journey and making it much more accessible, RFID can also change the way you operate. As the RFID chip is carried around by a visitor, it can be tracked. Where are people going first, how long do they stay at some exhibits, and which exhibits are being ignored? This data can be stored and analyzed, so you can adjust and create something even better. It can also give your staff greater control of everything from wiping and reusing RFID cards (cutting down costs and possibly addressing safety and security concerns). So, that humble RFID chip is making life easier for you, while simultaneously creating a unique, personal experience for each and every visitor you welcome.

We’ve already taken a giant first step with our "Harry Potter: The Exhibition” installation for Imagine Exhibitions. By registering at the kiosk, a visitor’s unique information is stored on their own Wizarding World inspired RFID bracelet. As they tap into various interactive media stations and perform activities, it remembers their progress. It even shows each visitor their own name projected on the giant Marauder's Map (along with the wizards footprints as they meander the map). At the end of the journey, they’re sent a personal recap email recognizing all achievements and celebrations. Not only granted them a personalized memory to take home, but also added them to your CRM. And that same tech can be used to tap into kiosks and bring exhibits roaring to life (or screeching if it’s a Pterodactyl), from giant screens to physical attractions.

There are so many ways we can help you wow your members, solve current challenges, and overcome future issues. And if you’d like to collaborate with us on what could be done, or you want to check out our magical little RFID box, let’s get together. We’re always thrilled to brainstorm, or in our case, brain hurricane.