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Zoo Town - A Briarpatch Recap Podcast

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Format: Podcast c.2019

Dive into the mystery of a fake, true crime podcast that recaps the events of a tv series while pretending to exist within the world of the  show!

Finding a fresh take on the episodic recap show can be challenging, especially in a landscape that is saturated with podcasts and online fandoms. To stand out, we started looking to other influences, and were captivated by the success of the True Crime genre. To support a show like Briarpatch—a pulp-noir whodunnit—True Crime felt like a perfect fit, and so we explored what a reporter set within the world of the show would say if she were retelling the events of the series after the fact.

Featuring a script that was written by show writer Brian Brown, and voiced by the incredible Sarah Minnich (Ginger Galanti, in the show) this carefully woven audio experience was also married with a video companion on platforms like YouTube. What resulted was a dramatic retelling and dark comedy that it strong enough to stand on its own and entertaining enough to hook in True Crime fans and compel them to watch the series.

Project Services

  • Conceptualization
  • Copy and Content
  • Sound Design

Listen to the Trailer

Listen to the trailer here, or hear the full series wherever you get your podcasts, like Spotify!