National Geographic Channel

Brain Games Social Illusions

Fig 705a. National Geographic Channel

Format: Social Media Content c.2020

Put your grey matter to the test with these series of clever, disruptive, platform-optimized social videos that feature Keegan-Michael  Key!

Nat Geo’s Brain Games is a show that has always required promotions that feel as clever as the series itself. And, with season six bringing in some serious star power (host Keegan-Michael Key, for a start) we knew we needed to raise the stakes. Our carefully crafted collection of organic and paid content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram spanned from illusory countdowns to play-along videos, many of which featured the show’s incredibly talented host!

Creating these types of video takes careful prior planning, and so we started collaborating with Nat Geo early on to conceptualize, strategize, and even capture the perfect assets to pull off these effects. By using a trackable card, and green screen, we set ourselves up to even change some illusions later in the production pipeline. We even created special monitor overlays we used in-studio that let us see where Keegan-Michael Key would reach outside the frame!

Project Services

  • Conceptualization
  • Copy and Content
  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Post Editorial