Entrepreneurial Excellence

Entrepreneurial Excellence

The team at NeoPangea was honored to receive the prestigious Entrepreneurial Excellence Award at the 3rd Annual Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards. Given out by the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this award is presented to the company that best demonstrates innovation in products or service, creative marketing strategies, as well as contributions to the community and positive response to adversity.

NeoPangea Creative Director Brett Bagenstose looked up from his copy of "Mad Libs" long enough to say, "We’ve been very fortunate over the years to receive awards for our creative works, but this is extra special to us because it recognizes our contributions to the community. Reading has given us quite a bit over the years, and we’re very proud to give back. Now, could you give me a verb?"

The 2009 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award honors the exceptional sole-proprietors and small business owners who put everything on the line and turn an idea into a successful, sustainable enterprise that generates economic gain.

Based in West Reading, Pennsylvania, NeoPangea is an innovative agency that specializes in digital video and audio productions, Web design, interactive experiences, and live multimedia performances. It has created successful promotions for Fortune 100 brands such as Comcast, National Geographic, ABC, Nike, and Motorola.

For more information on NeoPangea, visit www.neopangea.com.

For more information on the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce, visit www.greaterreadingchamber.org.