Intern Abuser Wins Two Pixel Awards

Intern Abuser Wins Two Pixel Awards

Our sinister contraption won the top honors in the “Weird” category, as well as the ever-popular “People’s Choice” award in the “Weird” category. What can we say? We know what people like.

A ground-breaking interactive experiment in high-tech tomfoolery, the Intern Abuser event was an international success. The experience fused custom robotics, HTML, digital and mechanical gaming elements, and lighthearted skullduggery into a hilarious cybernetic fun machine. Players from all over the world were granted an exclusive opportunity to aim and fire NeoPangea's robotic weaponry over the Internet at targets in the office. Meanwhile, live video feeds and social media components kept participants actively engaged via an elegant custom browser-based interface. See what all the fuss was about here.

The Pixel Awards judges are proven innovators in their fields with broad web expertise and a knack for spotting extraordinary talent with fairness and accuracy. They are executives, creatives, and visionaries at top agencies and websites covering a diverse cross-section of industries - art and design, marketing and advertising, product development and technology, and usability.

The judges look for a creative and technical blend of impeccable graphic design, artistry, technological expertise, and a powerful, stimulating user experience. These apps and sites are the best of the web and mobile, folks, so it's necessary to evaluate each app and site against the following criteria:

  • Innovation – The app or site must bring something new to the table, break barriers.
  • Content – All the words, music, animation, video, and info on the site.
  • Navigation – How users move around the app or site.
  • Visual design – Graphic appearance of the app or site.
  • Functionality – Creative and efficient use of technology, interactivity, and usability.
  • Overall app or site experience – All of the above combined, the overall impression.