Walmart is Best In Class

Walmart is Best In Class

"Putting this project together with Walmart and the Martin Agency has been a very rewarding experience for us," said NeoPangea's Baron of Pixels Brett Bagenstose. "We really got a chance to wow the big boys with the cutting-edge ideas and work we're capable of. Being named 'Best In Class' adds another spring in our already quite springy-step."

The Walmart "Your Zone" augmented reality application is a revolutionary way for customers to shop for home decor. Shoppers can interact with a virtual 3-D model of the room using a standard Web camera and a printer. The user holds the printed advertisement and controls the room with their hands. This virtual room is rendered in real-time, so when the user rotates or zooms in, it's as if they're interacting with an actual three-dimensional model.

Based in West Reading, Pennsylvania, NeoPangea is an innovative agency that specializes in digital video and audio productions, Web design, interactive experiences, and live multimedia performances. It has created successful promotions for Fortune 100 brands such as National Geographic, Nike, Comcast, and Wal-Mart.

The Interactive Media Council, Inc. is a nonprofit organization consisting of leading Web development professionals. The Interactive Media Awards are designed to encourage a higher standard of quality on the Internet and to recognize and give exposure to companies that best represent this ideal.