Intern Fundamentals

Intern Fundamentals

Here in the Ministry of Artistry we seem to be training our apprentices the same techniques over and over again. We always assume that they've already learned these fundamental rules in Art School, but alas, the joke is on us.

Future interns and curious onlookers take note...

  1. Smart Objects:
    Paste vector shapes into Photoshop as a Smart Object so we can edit them later. Just in case you left the source illustration on your desktop.
  2. Composition:
    We all have days when our designs aren't working out. Research grids. I found that Grid Systems is a fantastic book to have around. Here's another tip: align your text and make a decision between one of the 30 fonts on the page.
  3. Scaling Vector Shapes:
    If you have a rounded-edge box, don't scale it. The corners will look all kinds of stupid. Select the points and drag them.
  4. Masking, the Right Way:
    Why are you cutting out that image with the erase tool? You're making me mad. Add a layer mask so we can clean up your sh*tty work later.
  5. Layer Comps:
    It's a 5 page website, why are there 23 Photoshop files? Use some layer comps before you fill up the server.
  6. Versioning:
    Seriously? What the f*ck is 'designfinal.psd'. Did you notice a pattern with all the other files? Client_Project_Vers_initials.extension, ex) NGC_Aftermath_01a_bb.psd
  7. Note Taking:
    Are you even listening to me? The first time I gave you 8 revisions and you only remembered 2 of them, and they were wrong anyway. Paper has been around for thousands of years and it works great.
  8. Asking Questions:
    Please don't guess. You're going to take off in some crazy direction that no one will like. Run it by us first and if you don't understand the task then please just ask someone.
  9. Managing Time:
    Wow, I didn't expect you to take a week to find a photo of a lion. It's a great photo. Too bad we already finished the project.
  10. When to Show Up:
    The rest of us are here every day. I do enjoy guessing when you feel like getting out of bed and showering, but it would be super duper if you were here for a full day, every day.

I hope that list helps someone, somewhere avoid a beat-down.