What’s In A Title

What’s In A Title

The Baron of Pixels. The Viscount of Script. The Ambassador of Inspiration. The Jack of All Portrayed. The Duchess of Sagacious Depiction. The Übermensch of Code. These are just a few of the titles you will see on a NeoPangea business card or in an email signature. They’re not your typical jobs titles, but NeoPangea is far from your typical company. At first glance, they may just seem off-the-wall for the sake of creativity, but unique titles are the first step to creating an identity for each of our team members—and our team as a whole. Besides, what exactly is a title? We’ve all met that guy who is a company of one person, working in a basement, and calls himself the CEO. Does that title accurately describe his role?

Before any of our purveyors of innovation come to work on their first day, we ask them to define their own job title. We don’t just look for titles that explain what they do, but that speak to who they are and, more importantly, who they want to be. This title should encompass their passions, personality, and what they bring to the table.

We’re a small organization. We even call ourselves a society that has members—not a company with employees. Our people often wear a lot of different hats and incorporate their passions beyond typical job descriptions. You won’t find much overhead—we mean, hierarchy—of titles like executive, associate, junior or lead in our studio. Every person who comes on board makes up our A-team, our best and only team. Allowing team members to create their own identity from the start gives them a sense of empowerment and leadership on projects out of the gate because they are all equal contributors. We ask our team members to present who they were, are, and what they will become to the whole team. They define how they can contribute before they even start.

If you ask us, the strongest companies are created when the people that make it up are given the license to identify who they are and how they can best contribute. It creates a sense of clarity—an understanding of how each team member can help bring a vision to life—that isn’t mandated from the top-down, but from the very skills, passions, and being of each person.

So what’s in title, you ask? That’s for you to decide.