New Hires at NeoPangea
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Adding More Dreamers to Our Team

In a turbocharged tornado of digital innovation, NeoPangea isn't just tiptoeing ahead; they're strapping on jetpacks for a strategic recruitment maneuver that will transform an already stellar staff line-up.

The two lightning rods being added to the intrepid NeoPangea crew boast resumes so impressive, they almost glow in the dark. Laura Rush comes on board as Director of Digital Creative, and Andy Schulman will be saluted as the Head of Motion Design.

Laura Rush - Director of Digital Creative
Laura Rush
Director of Digital Creative

Rush, a former NeoPangea client, masterminded a host of multiplatform marketing campaigns at FX Networks, (boy, that’s a lot of m words), and also brings serious chops from her stints at Sony Pictures Television and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. In fact, she’s much more than a director; she’s a daring digital dream weaver.

Andy Schulman - Head of Motion Design
Andy Schulman
Head of Motion Design

Working right beside her, Schulman is an animation alchemist; everything he touches turns to pure gold. Having blown everyone’s socks way off as a part-time NeoPangean for over two decades, he now brings his particular brand of wizardry to the visionary team full-time.

For most agencies, that would be more than enough creative superbness to boast about; but NeoPangea isn’t like most agencies. So, they’re also promoting long-time creative director Aaron Beaucher to the lofty heights of Senior Vice President of Digital Advertising.

Aaron Beaucher - Senior Vice President of Digital Advertising
Aaron Beaucher
Senior Vice President of Digital Advertising

What does this all mean? It’s about a commitment to digital innovation that’s as solid as a 60-ton rock. As Beaucher stated with rabid enthusiasm, “Their exceptional capabilities and strategic insights will elevate our team and benefit our clients.”

And Rush is bringing her unique perspective as a client to every project, saying “A great ad that’s memorable on its own doesn’t work if you don’t remember what the ad is for.”

As NeoPangea drives forward with the intensity of a freight train, founder and Baron of Pixels Brett Bagenstose had a glint in his eye as he pondered the future, saying “We know our path forward – it’s paved with creativity, innovation, and a little more than a touch of daring.”

That means boundaries aren’t just going to be pushed; they’ll be shattered as this new NeoPangea line-up brandishes a digital paintbrush to create a masterpiece in the world of bespoke content and interactive experiences. "Their genius and strategic savvy will turbocharge our team and wow our clients,” said Beaucher.

NeoPangea has already established itself as a major player in the world of digital experiences and altered realities. Now, with a collective strengthened to bursting point, they’re on a mission to ensure every single pixel whispers tales of wonder.