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Almost Emmy

The veil of secrecy can finally be lifted… Recently, NeoPangea was invited to present our Rise of the Robots project to the Emmy’s jury at the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles. A content-rich interactive experience crafted with geeky love for the Smithsonian Channel, Rise of the Robots explores more than 100 years of sci-fi characters and real-world medical advances. Honored by the opportunity, a small envoy of NeoPangea Society members packed their bags and hit the West Coast in search of Emmy gold in the User Experience and Visual Design category.

For the uninitiated, juried Emmy categories require all entries to be presented in person to a panel of Emmy Jurors, with the possibility of one, more than one, or no entry being awarded an Emmy. As a consequence, there are no nominees, but instead a one-step evaluation and voting procedure. Deliberations include an open discussion of the work of each entrant, with a thorough review of the merits of awarding the Emmy. Only those with unanimous approval win.

Unfortunately, despite the multiplatform success of Rise of the Robots, the jury did not unanimously award the project an Emmy. Even so, the invitation to be one of the select few projects nationwide to present to this year’s jury speaks volumes about the quality of work coming out of our humble West Reading studio.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team,” said Brett Bagenstose, NeoPangea’s founder and Baron of Pixels. “A tiny little group of friends from a sleepy railroad town that everyone forgot about has made another notch in our honor belt. As for the jury, our robotic minions will avenge us!”

The 2014 Creative Arts Emmys will be broadcast on Sunday, August 24 at 8pm ET/PT on FXM.