Brain Jitsu Will Break You
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Brain Jitsu Will Break You

You’re probably aware that Dolph Lundgren could easily kick you in the face if he were so inclined, but did you know that he can expertly synthesize complex chemical compounds as well? In Brain Jitsu, NeoPangea’s latest collaboration with the National Geographic Channel, Dolph puts his black belt in karate and his master’s degree in chemical engineering to work in a game that challenges both your mind and your reflexes.

After you enter Dolph’s Brain Jitsu dojo using your mobile device or computer, he’ll guide you through a random series of mind-melting logic and memory challenges. How many months have 29 days in a leap year? Which vowel comes midway between C and H? Each session unique, so you can test your mental mettle again and again as Dolph punches and kicks knowledge directly into your brain.

Focus your mind, strike quickly to increase your score, and battle your way to a black belt. An all-new season of Brain Games premieres Sunday, February 14 at 9/8c.

Action star Dolph Lundgren punches and kicks knowledge directly into your mind with Brain Jitsu.