Japanese Color Psychology
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Japanese Color Psychology

The new book we will release March 2009 in Japan.

The author, Miki Takasaka, founded the color consulting company Hearts Co. Ltd, after her career as a copy writer. She has been consulting company on product development and product branding by her unique theory that applies color marketing to branding. Besides the lecture and writing, she gives training programs for professional color coordinator, marketer, and therapist at the school she manages.

She is famous as a writer of "The Color Therapy, which makes your mind and body clean", and has received high repetition as a therapist.

From the publisher: Color determines the first impression of products, and this is also the case with web sites. The author chooses 48 successful web sites which has nice color scheme and comments upon them. She makes description of the secret of color marketing and color schemes which will increase business sales. This book will be a good guide for the beginners of web designer and general people who interested in the key concept of color marketing.