NeoPangea Decidedly X-ier
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NeoPangea Decidedly X-ier

For years, the NeoPangea studio has grown despite being a seething pit of nerdy machismo devoid of any consistent female influence. Sure, we've occasionally benefitted from feminine freelancers whose skills fit the needs of specific projects, but we've never been graced by the permanent, daily presence of a female colleague before. To be clear, this wasn't by design; NeoPangea welcomes all people with open arms and open minds regardless of their race, creed, gender, or planetary origin. We're Equal Opportunity Nerds!

That being said, we're pleased to welcome our new designer, Teresa Van Wagner, to NeoPangea's core team. Her design skills have been developed through years of experience with companies including andCulture, QVC, and Partners Design. Typography, photography, iconography… Teresa brings these "-ographies" and more to our humble shop, along with experience in art direction, project management, and oodles of other useful stuff. She also shares her expertise with local design colleagues through her service as the vice president of Central PA AIGA, the professional association for design. Besides being a fantastically talented veteran designer, she's also an honest-to-goodness real live woman!

"I grew up with three brothers who had eclectic taste in music, but nothing prepared me for the number of times that the guys here play 'Space Stallions' in one afternoon," said Teresa. "They seem to have a baffling affinity for brutally horrible music."

Upside: Teresa hit the ground running, and she's already making valuable contributions to our projects with her considerable expertise in web and print design. Her keen eye for artistry and detail add another welcome perspective to our project aesthetics and usability discussions.

Downside: the rest of us now have to make sure we're wearing pants at all times, and we have to hold in our excess gases. All things considered, we've decided that the tradeoff was more than fair.

Welcome to the NeoPangea Society, Teresa. We're glad you've decided to join us in this grand adventure!