New Year, New Studio
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New Year, New Studio

Let it henceforth be known to all across the land that Her Royal Majesty’s NeoPangea Society has officially relocated its worldwide headquarters. Rejoice!

There were plenty of reasons behind the decision to leave our beloved Penn Avenue studio, and we’ve already covered them in another blog post. Now, it’s time to introduce you to the wonders of our snappy new digs in all of their renovated glory!

Upon entering our new home away from home, you’ll step into a tastefully appointed reception area and see the first few instances of our efforts to renew existing resources and to use reclaimed materials. The floor has been partially refinished with biobased materials composed of 85 percent limestone and 10 percent pre-consumer recycled material. We left a colorful section of aged tile near our modern kitchen and bar area as a charming reminder of the community bank that operated in the building decades ago.

Lobby Lounge

Further reducing our environmental impact, the kitchen and bar areas feature countertops composed entirely of post-consumer recycled paper saturated with petroleum-free resin.

Kitchen Bar

Next to the kitchen, a dividing wall covered in vintage reclaimed lumber conceals two updated unisex bathrooms and a rakish space captain frozen in carbonite.

Matt and Wall

Han Solo

The entire opposite wall serves as West Reading’s largest dry-erase board, an indispensable tool for our marathon brainstorming and planning sessions.


In the hallway behind the kitchen, you’ll find our nigh-impregnable server room, formerly an actual bank vault, sealed with a lead-lined blast door.

Server Door

The staircase just beyond the server room will take you up to the Crow’s Nest lounge area, which is perfect for quiet reflection, napping, and the occasional scandalous indiscretion. (There are no security cameras up there for a reason.)

Crow's Nest

If you skip the staircase, you can walk straight ahead into the War Room, a small chamber in which diabolical schemes are hatched, or bear right into the Desk Arena, where the real magic happens.

Desk Arena

Awash in the natural glow of two skylights, the Desk Arena is home to 20 reclaimed walnut-and-steel desks and the entire NeoPangea team. All of our departments work side by side to maximize our ability to collaborate, create, and blast the occasional Nerf dart at one another. To date, no one has yet lost an eye...

In the left rear corner of the Desk Arena, two medieval-looking sliding doors guard our new-and-improved conference room.

Conference Room

In the opposite corner, a stairway leads to several large rooms that currently provide oodles of storage space, but which could be converted to additional workspaces as our team continues to grow. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join Her Royal Majesty’s NeoPangea Society, check out our job listings and throw your top hat into the ring.

Although our cozy former studio will always hold a special place in our hearts, the luxury of space and the additional amenities we now enjoy in our new studio are daily reminders that we made the right decision to move on. (Even the simple fact that we are no longer at the mercy of street parking makes it all worthwhile; our new location has plenty of spaces for all, and the feeling is sublime.) We’re already making plenty of new memories here, and we're beyond excited to have so much room to facilitate our continuing adventures!

2014 Convivial

Party photos courtesy of Jon Athans Photography