Calling All Concept Artists

Calling All Concept Artists

Attention all artistic alchemists and purveyors of the peculiar. NeoPangea is seeking freelance concept artists to envision new worlds for museums and public spaces.

We're building worlds unlike any other. Worlds where the fantastical and the bizarre hold hands and skip through meadows of pure imagination. We need someone who can breathe life into our wildest ideas and unleash a menagerie of mind-bending architectural concept art.


As a freelance concept artist, you’ll work remotely with the NeoPangea creative team to understand project goals, narratives, themes, and specifications, and then create inspired sketches, concept art, or renders based on the project’s goals. 

Desired Skills 

  • Ability to develop visually compelling and engaging concept art for museum spaces, exhibits, and architectural elements.
  • Ability to envision how design and technology work together within a space, and, integrate sketches of hardware when necessary.
  • Ability to brainstorm, conceptualize, and create rough sketches
  • Excellent understanding of perspective, lighting, scale, and composition
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Creativity, resourcefulness, and proactivity
  • Comfortable with ambiguity 
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Experience with 3D modeling software is a plus.


Demonstrated experience and portfolio related to high-quality architectural concept design, illustration, and art; ideally with a focus on museum and/or public spaces.

Who We Are

NeoPangea is a creative partner for imaginative brands who dare to dream. 

We are a team of creatives, designers, and developers who love entertaining people, experimenting with technology, telling stories, and having a great time doing it.

As a creative partner, we collaborate closely with cultural institutions, non-profits, and brands to create bespoke solutions to every creative challenge, instead of just repackaging things that we, or someone else, might have already done.

These projects span a lot of mediums, like digital and physical experiences, games, VR & AR, digital advertising, and social media content for television networks, brands, and museums.

We enjoy the simple things in life, like movies with swords, games with laser guns, and drinks with little straw hats. We also wear silly costumes… like, a lot.

NeoPangea's primary space is in West Reading, PA, about an hour west of Philadelphia, and serves as the headquarters for mad scientists, victorian enthusiasts, and Star Wars nerds alike. Yes, we have artifacts from this building's former life as a bank, we have a hot air balloon, an arduino-powered nerf gun, custom standing desks, and Han Solo frozen in carbonate. No, we do not have a time machine...yet.

View our work:

What's Next

If this sounds compelling, we’d love to hear from you. Share your experience, rate, and a link to your portfolio with [email protected]

Applicants without a relevant digital portfolio will not be considered. Please do not send Word documents. No phone calls, please.

At NeoPangea we are always taking strides to maximize the participation of minorities, women, and people from all groups whose voices have historically been diminished. We strive to be inclusive, and someone’s race, gender, or able-bodied status has never had any impact whatsoever on their viability to work with our team.