DeadCoats Kick-starts July 4!
Press Release

DeadCoats Kick-starts July 4!

Recharge your patriotism and your lust for justice! A quick flash of lightning and a whiff of cauterized zombie flesh mean that our original First Person Shooter DeadCoats has returned! Last Halloween we chilled your spine and electrified your trigger finger. This 4th of July we've revisited our favorite founding father to bring thee some new deadly features and a Kickstarter campaign that amounts to a grand olde fireworks extravaganza!

We flexed some tattooed American muscle and brought to our beloved players a couple of much requested upgrades.

Ben can finally toss the bifocals. You can now play DeadCoats in Full-Screen mode! It brings new meaning to the term "red-eye" as you zap-away across the full landscape of your monitor creating for yourself a full-on ocular bloodbath!

Enjoy blasting away lightning bolts with ease using the recently added "mouse-lock" feature. Targeting a rotting British Regular is a breeze! Just move and shoot and "mouse-lock" handles the rest. Running and gunning like this is sure to bring your kill-count to an all-time high.

Over the past eight months we found the game to be a huge success for the team. By bringing head-popping glee to thousands of players, DeadCoats garnered praise from prestigious industry sites like:, Geekadelphia, Flash Daily and the Philly Ad Club. The fine fellows at Gamefly took the game to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) to showcase our game as a kick-ass example of new and independently developed online gaming. Most recently, DeadCoats was featured by Adobe at the Flash Gaming Summit which is a conference dedicated to fostering the growth and success of the Stage 3D Flash games community.

We had so much fun with DeadCoats last autumn that we couldn't resist continuing the project. To build on this success and to keep-us in zombie ecstasy we are launching a Kickstarter initiative to fund a full-version of DeadCoats — complete with significantly more Founding Father and zombie-blasting mayhem. It would be righteous to have Big Ben fight a few extra-tough and blood-thirsty Bosses or to experience additional levels in his defense of freedom! Contributing to the Kickstarter will get Ben there and score you some awesome DeadCoats paraphernalia.

The Game: DeadCoats is a free first person shooter where you command founding father, Benjamin Franklin — a Patriot with nerves of steel and a penchant for electricity, as he defends the new world from an army of undead British soldiers. Created in under three weeks, the game is a testament to the flexibility of Flash 11 and Stage 3D and an exciting teaser of what's in store for in-browser gaming.


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