FaceBlam Free Until February
Press Release

FaceBlam Free Until February

The FaceBlam app is simple and fun to use, enabling anyone to create a unique work of art in minutes. To begin, simply snap a new Facebook profile picture with the sparkly new iPad air Santa brought you or use a favorite photo already stored on the iPad.

Next, by quickly adjusting photo properties including scale, cropping, rotation, saturation, and contrast with the intuitive touch controls, FaceBlam "Pic-assos" can finger paint their ideal Facebook cover photos with ease.

Finally, a robust assortment of creative, evocative filters and effects can be applied to the image to give it even more dramatic flair and individuality. The result is cleverly distributed between the artist’s Facebook profile picture and cover picture space, creating a unique work of art within minutes.

You can explore FaceBlam and see how easily you can create amazing photos at faceblam.com. Download this unique app for free in the iTunes App Store now, before it reverts to its regular price on February 1, 2014! FaceBlam is built for iPad 2 or newer.


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