FaceBlam! Your Face(book)!
Press Release

FaceBlam! Your Face(book)!

West Reading, PA — November 13, 2012 — NeoPangea announces the launch of FaceBlam!, a new app designed to transform the ordinary Facebook cover into a unique work of art—to go from bland to BLAM! Harnessing the touch-fueled magic of the iPad, FaceBlam! puts powerful image editing capabilities at the user's fingertips, allowing them to merge their cover and profile images into one continuous, cleverly positioned portrait. The app is available now for $0.99 from the iTunes App Store, and a free, web-version will allow users to "sample" the technology on Thursday, November 15. Watch the promo: www.faceblam.com

The FaceBlam! app represents NeoPangea's enduring commitment to develop innovative, interactive, user experiences for its partners. The digital studio has built its business around the design, creation and execution of innovative apps, websites and interactive experiences for Fortune 100 brands.

"FaceBlam! actually began as a research and development project for us," explained Brett Bagenstose, NeoPangea's co-founder. "We wanted to create something that would test the iPad's capabilities while further developing our programming tool kit. We not only accomplished these goals, but have also produced a fun and functional tool for Facebook users."

How it Works
To begin, users of second- and third-generation iPads import a photo from Facebook or snap a new photo using FaceBlam! on their device. Next, by quickly adjusting photo properties (scale, cropping, rotation, saturation and contrast) with the intuitive touch controls, FaceBlam! "Pic-assos" can finger paint their ideal Facebook cover photos with ease. They can then apply a robust assortment of creative, evocative filters and effects to give the image even more dramatic flair and individuality. The result is cleverly distributed between the artist's Facebook profile picture and cover picture space, creating a unique work of art within minutes.

To build the app, NeoPangea leveraged the flexible cross-platform power of Adobe AIR, which enables mobile and desktop versions of the software to be installed on a wide variety of devices with a single installation package. The team solved challenges created by variable device orientations and screen resolutions by using Adobe ActionScript. To learn more, visit www.faceblam.com.


About NeoPangea
NeoPangea is a digital boutique that grows beautiful ideas into captivating experiences. Since its inception, NeoPangea has strived to fuse innovation, creativity, technology and strategy to create a unique immersive brand experience for consumers. Working with Fortune 100 brands, exclusive destinations, international non-profits, leading industry trendsetters and local start-ups, NeoPangea continues to surpass client expectations in the design, creation and execution of innovative apps, websites, and interactive experiences as well as traditional promotional spots, campaigns and collateral marketing materials, all designed to complement the clients' brands, products and services and provide consumers with a more robust and engaging brand experience.


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