Nautilus Live Featured by Comm Arts
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Nautilus Live Featured by Comm Arts

Nautilus Live — Communication Arts Web Pick of the Day

We're proud of our involvement in the Nautilus Live website that brings the exhilaration of deep sea exploration into the browser of intrepid online adventurers. We have always been engaged by stories of salvage crews uncovering lost treasure or historical relics from the ocean's floor. Nautilus Live grants us access to the moment of discovery as it's happening, live, breathtakingly raw and unedited. Visitors to the site feel like a member of the crew as they peer through the eyes of the archeologist during their search for artifacts that have the power to illuminate both our understanding of the world and of ourselves. We hope that Comm Arts readers are inspired by our clean and easily navigable website design that breaks the in-the-box confines of conventional CSS and places before the visitor the historical and analytical findings of one of the world's most ground breaking oceanic explorers.

National Geographic Society partnered with Bob Ballard and the team of Exploration Vessel Nautilus to bring internet explorers the thrill and exhilaration of their moments of discovery through the Nautilus Live website. During July and August of 2012, the Nautilus and its crew will carry out an expedition to explore the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea. During the expedition, they will be sharing discoveries live on the web via pioneering "telepresence" technology, putting the unexplored ocean directly in your hands. We made ourselves a part of the crew by designing this captivating website that puts amazing live content front and center inside a user interface that tips its hat to the science-fiction that inspired the fantastic voyages the Nautilus crew will experience. Desktop Argonauts will be able to view and switch between multiple live feeds and technical data from the intrepid robotic submersibles and the crew. Interacting with the crew on deck, examining recent video and images, and reading the ship's current status and live log findings bring the "telepresent" voyager aboard as a virtual expedition stowaway.

The Nautilus Live website and the experience it offers sets anchor at the heart of what Comm Arts brings to its audience; exciting, artistic and innovative works that moves the industry and our culture forward.