NeoPangea Launches "Intern Abuser" Exclusive Live Event: 10/11/12 and 10/12/12
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NeoPangea Launches "Intern Abuser" Exclusive Live Event: 10/11/12 and 10/12/12

Intern Abuse Central (aka West Reading, PA) September 24, 2012 — Demonstrating what's possible when you fuse humor, creativity and groundbreaking technology, NeoPangea proudly launches INTERN ABUSER, a one-of-its-kind live event on October 11 & 12. Online visitors—from the anonymity of their own office space—will get the opportunity to "abuse" NeoPangea's willing, but perhaps unwitting, intern, using a remotely operated robotic apparatus linked to a slew of hilarious pranks.

"It's not as evil as it sounds," explains Brett Bagenstose, who co-founded NeoPangea and has built its reputation as a digital boutique that grows beautiful ideas into captivating experiences. "The truth is, we love our intern and thought this would be an amusing way to engage people with our innovative applications, while also helping him earn money for his college loans."

How it Works
Built on the Phidgets platform, which allows the users to control the robotic gadgets, NeoPangea invented the virtual "dunk tank" by designing robotic devices that incorporate components like horns, strobe lights and fog machines as well as other physical implements. The various pieces are joined together with springs, triggers and a robotic switch that sets-off or triggers the device. Among the potential intern abuses are jabbing with a cartoon-like boxing glove (Sucker Punch) or foamed bat (Let's Go Clubbing), a rapidly flickering strobe light (the Studio 54), a haze-inducing blast from a fog machine (Smoke Out), and a sudden and unexpected blast of air into the intern’s face (Pull My Finger). The switches are controlled by a web API and monitored via web cameras.

Online visitors sign in to the INTERN ABUSER website using their Facebook accounts to await their turn at abusing the intern. Each visitor is given 30 seconds to aim and fire three shots from a real dart gun robotically linked to the website. Hitting a target will trigger a specific "torture" device. If successful, visitors will be able to watch the completion of the intern abuse via a live video broadcast provided by Ustream, the leader in live and social video streaming. And, if that's not enough, INTERN ABUSER's digital hi-jinks also give participants the chance to live tweet with the intern, flinging their verbal assaults in real-time.

Ancillary Offerings
NeoPangea's intern will keep an "intern diary" on Facebook, chronicling the daily mishaps and abuse that befalls him. The INTERN ABUSER website will also include a Charitable Donation button, administered through PayPal, where potential "intern abusers" can assuage their guilt by making a cash donation towards the intern's ongoing education. Always ahead of the curve, NeoPangea will offer an INTERN ABUSER online store for purchasing branded merchandise including t-shirts, souvenir photos and a "making of" video.


About NeoPangea
NeoPangea is a digital boutique that grows beautiful ideas into captivating experiences. Since its inception, NeoPangea has strived to fuse innovation, creativity, technology and strategy to create a unique immersive brand experience for consumers. Working with Fortune 100 brands, exclusive destinations, international non-profits, leading industry trendsetters and local start-ups, NeoPangea continues to surpass client expectations in the design, creation and execution of innovative apps, websites, and interactive experiences as well as traditional promotional spots, campaigns and collateral marketing materials, all designed to complement the clients' brands, products and services and provide consumers with a more robust and engaging brand experience.

About Ustream
Ustream Inc. is the leader in live and social video streaming. The interactive platform connects broadcasters and viewers of unlimited size through innovative technology including co-hosting video features, IRC chat, Facebook, and Twitter. Ustream's free and premium solutions allow any broadcaster to create their own customizable channel with robust social and notification features to enhance visibility and virility across multiple platforms. In addition to activating the embeddable features on external websites, users are able to broadcast and view content while interacting in real-time directly from mobile phone devices, tablets, streaming players, smart TVs, and more. The company attracts millions of users ranging from music artists, celebrities, politicians, athletes, corporate executives, animal enthusiasts and gamers, all which have contributed to Ustream's Guinness World Record for the "Most Content Ingested by An Online Video Service." For more information, visit and follow Ustream's socials: Twitter (@Ustream); Facebook (


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Disclaimer: NeoPangea wants to assure visitors to Intern Abuser that no actual interns are harmed in the making and/or execution of Intern Abuser and the company is in full compliance with rules, guidelines and safety precautions as outlined by the International Protect Intern Society. Scenes appearing to place interns in jeopardy were simulated.