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In retaliation to the successful rich-media ads produced by cutting-edge companies like Pointroll, the Council of Responsible Advertisers Promoting Accepted Digital Solutions (or C.R.A.P.A.D.S.) has created a new campaign to tout the benefits of their tried-and-true Internet banner ad techniques.

This campaign, which hopes to close the Pandora's Box of engaging video ads that Pointroll has opened, is boasting that their standard three-frame, burst-addled banner ads provide "the highest standards for the lowest common denominator."

"R.E.A.L. Internet users don't want to be bothered by the gratuitous excitement of animated banners," explained Chariman Dr. Charles Letchwell. "What we've been doing here at C.R.A.P.A.D.S. since 1994 is championing proven advertising methods that clearly tell the viewer where to click. No confusing rolling, just click."

The new campaign, which features a web site that utilizes all of the 256 colors that the internet offers, encourages advertisers to "Keep It In the Box." "The Box" meaning, of course, the boundaries of a standard banner ad. The site also features an introductory video that will acquaint users with the C.R.A.P.A.D.S. team. It features some of the finest screen wipes available on the Commodore Amiga's Video Toaster.

"It seems like a section of the Internet audience is in such a rush these days," Letchwell continued. "They need their HD-definition televisions, their telephones that don't have fun, twisting cords, or their modems that don't need to be dialed in. And I guess they're welcome to have them."

"But captivating ads that grab the attention of a user and encourage them to engage with a product? That's not for us."


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