Augmented Holiday
Project Launch

Augmented Holiday

Turns out that everyone's Holiday spirit is a creepy guy in an elf costume… We mailed a handful of lucky people a special T-shirt and an instructions card. They were instructed to put on the shirt, turn on their webcam, and go to a specific website.

Take a look at the results for yourself! Using the process of Augmented Reality, you too can have an Elf come alive inside you! If you don't have access to a webcam, no fear — there is a demo video for you to gaze upon.

Enjoy, and please leave us some feedback!

In order to receive an ultra-mega special Holiday Greeting you must get in touch with the Holiday spirit inside you. Please follow these simple steps to acquire your holiday spirit:

  1. Put on the enclosed T-shirt!
  2. Savor a piece of candy!
  3. Close your eyes!
  4. Envision Reindeer waltzing with Unicorns!
  5. Giggle because you’re’s ok to giggle!
  6. Open your eyes!
  7. Click your heels twice!
  8. Feel the love and be overwhelmed with magic and splendor!