Build the Ultimate Virtual Fish Tank
Project Launch

Build the Ultimate Virtual Fish Tank

Aquarium enthusiasts who have long wished for an elaborate installation like the intricate custom tanks featured on the Nat Geo WILD series Fish Tank Kings are in luck! NeoPangea and Nat Geo Wild are proud to announce that amateur ichthyologists and casual fans alike can now design their dream tank online in minutes with Build-a-Tank.

Imagine your gorgeous seascape teeming with realistic, exotic life. A hermit crab scuttles past a sunken pirate ship while an excitable puffer fish inflates overhead. A curious scuba diver investigates a glittering treasure chest next to a gently swaying sea anemone. The soothing tranquility of a deluxe saltwater aquarium is now available to anyone, anywhere, free of the concerns of cost or maintenance.

“We challenged ourselves to build this experience entirely in HTML5 to accommodate desktop and tablet users,” said Aaron Beaucher, NeoPangea’s Ambassador of Inspiration.

Whether builders choose to dive in using their computers or iPads, this fun, colorful interactive experience lets eager designers choose their tank’s name, theme, background, base, décor, and of course, the fish who will call it home. Uploaded photos can even be used as backgrounds to create spectacular one-of-a-kind designs.

“We decided to use the CreateJS Javascript libraries and tools for this application,” said Shane Hoffa, NeoPangea’s Chancellor of Technology. “CreateJS helps us create rich media interactivity via HTML5. From adding the ability to input text to producing beautifully rendered and animated sea life, we definitely pushed the boundaries of the technology.”

After each tank has been expertly arranged into timber-shivering splendor, proud designers can feed their fish, tap on the tank glass, snap photos of their creations, and even invite their friends via social media to interact with their live tank and then build their own. Best of all, these amazing creations never need cleaning!

“I think our team of animators and developers embraced the task and achieved something beyond our own expectations,” said Beaucher.

Nat Geo WILD’s Fish Tank Kings begins an all-new season on April 28 at 9 p.m.