Franklin, Zombie Hunter!
Project Launch

Franklin, Zombie Hunter!

The dark wizards at NeoPangea brewed a cauldron of macabre adventure to bring internet gamers and tech nerds a sweet Halloween treat, DeadCoats. It's a dark autumn night in 1789 when an army of undead British soldiers hath risen from their graves looking for brains, flesh and revenge in the woods outside of Philadelphia. Fortunately, the irascible Benjamin Franklin, a Patriot with nerves of steel and a penchant for electricity, stands between them and every man, woman, and child in the new world. Armed with a home-made lightening-musket, the goal is to take charge, stay moving, and zap the noggins off as many zombie Red Coats as possible. Flex your pecks, take Betsy Ross to the gun show, and reach the top of the leaderboard by making Ben the founding father of whoop-ass!

Conceived, designed and developed as an R&D project within a brain-melting three week schedule; this heart-pounding trip through a Patriot's worst nightmare had been a labor of love... and terror!! The development team at NeoPangea is working as a ground level contributor to the evolution of Adobe Flash Player 11, aka Molehill. A cross-platform, browser-based application runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across browsers and operating systems. The zombie themed first person shooter was a popular favorite at NeoPangea and seemed like the perfect kind of game to meet this challenge considering the up-coming Halloween holiday.

The challenge was to create an engaging game (on an insane schedule) that would utilize the pre-release versions of Flash 11 and Stage 3D. Being that the technology is in its infancy, there were little tools or documentation to help them realize their R&D project. The technology was literally changing as they were developing. The team soon decided on using the code base from Flare 3D, a new Real time engine for Flash games. This posed new challenges as NeoPangea had never used the software nor had any prior experience with the work flow.

"Besides the obvious challenges of the new technologies, choosing a setting and a hero character may have been the hardest decisions" stated NeoPangea's Flash-bang master Jason Morris. "We went through several options and settled on the idea of a U.S. historical figure as the protagonist. Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt seemed like obvious tough guys, but then when someone offered Ben Franklin everything seemed to fall into place. Besides being a founding father, Franklin had the electric personality and the local Philadelphia flare that our hero needed."

"This game is killer and when it comes to founding fathers there's no one more versatile and bad-ass..." said NeoPangea's resident game enthusiast and amateur historian Matt Marsters. "No one knows what Franklin sounded like and he's usually portrayed as this old fat nerd. We thought that we'd give his voice the big bronze liberty bells that he deserves." So according to Matt, anyone who hates zombies and bleeds red, white, and blue will be very satisfied with NeoPangea's latest frolic.


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