Love Where You Live
Project Launch

Love Where You Live

They've spun a new identity and web presence entitled "Love West Reading".

The homeboys at NeoPangea believe in their community. West Reading is an energetic, up and coming area with a great night life, business center, independent stores, rich history, and of course — a great place to raise a family.

The Love West Reading campaign is a multi-phased strategy which was created to expand the awareness of the destination and create a cohesive voice for the community of small businesses, organizations, and residents.

The site begins a conversation with three core audiences that support the central theme "Love West Reading":

  • Play — speaks to visitors, it profiles all of West Reading's points of interest.
  • Live — entices new residents by espousing the advantages of our walk-able community.
  • Work — lobbies new businesses by offering services and touting the successes of those who have already set-up shop.

From a technical perspective, the website is built for easy sharing. It also reduces administrative overhead by aggregating local events from Facebook, available properties from Zillow's API, and the local weather from Google's weather API. The website also looks great across platforms and mobile devices.

Visitors will be dazzled by this emporium of local opportunity. Aesthetically, the site reflects the soft warmth of home and the feeling of hand-made artistry which fills the storefronts of Penn Avenue. The tone of the copy reads like a casual conversation between friends. Water colors and simple fonts all contribute to the local flavor of this personal valentine to our community.

"The Love West Reading site has been a labor of love for all of us here at NeoPangea." stated Brett Bagenstose, NeoPangea's sublime owner and creative director.  "We are all expatriates who've come from Alabama, Florida, New Hampshire, and other far-away exotic locals like New Jersey. We all admire this town's beautiful main street, homes, parks and businesses. It's the hard-work that the people of West Reading have done to make our town, and in turn this website, look so picturesque and enticing. We have something special here, and we'd like more people to fall in love with West Reading too".

On a more serious tone, Phil Krick, Director of Gantt Charts added, "During this tumultuous time for our country, we need to accentuate the positive by diligently working to keep our communities vibrant. If the people in a community are proud of their town then they are proud of themselves. That mutual respect and sense of ownership reduces crime and bolsters prosperity. We are grateful for this opportunity to contribute to our home's success and esteem."


West Reading Borough is nestled in the hills abutting the historic railroad town of Reading, Pennsylvania.  West Reading is a borough in Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States. It contains a vibrant main street (Penn Avenue) and the large Reading Hospital and Medical Center. It is also the site of the VF Outlet Village, one of the largest outlet malls in the United States. The VF Outlet Village is located in the buildings of the former Berkshire Knitting Mills, which was in operation from 1908-1975.The Borough has been an incorporated political subdivision of the Commonwealth since March 18, 1907. They are proud to be the very first Main Street Community in Berks County and boast a rich and proud tradition.

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