Play Games with Your Brain
Project Launch

Play Games with Your Brain

NeoPangea consulted their resident mind freak and executed some mental calisthenics to create a mind bending, brain straining adventure. Mental games, video explainers, and other content in the "Brain Games" interactive experience offers intrepid internet explorers the opportunity to examine and challenge the false impression of reality invented by our minds and our senses.

Brain Games is a groundbreaking three-part popular-science special. Airing in early October, it will use interactive experiments and tricks to reveal how our brains create the illusion of a seamless reality. The exciting and revealing experiments provide a fascinating window into the inner workings of the human brain, and some of the world's leading experts explain how and why they work. The series explores cutting-edge science in high-tech laboratories and introduces fascinating real people with extraordinary brains. The three episodes will be themed around the topics of attention, sensory perception, and memory.

Research into the science of illusion and human sensory perception led to a far-out interactive mind trip. The site's experience incorporates a flowing tapestry of content to capture a representation of brain-space. The site's environment is a stylized interpretation of the realm of thought and memory. Flowing through the environment is an undulating stream of information that, like our memories, group together and form unique buckets for navigation to the three main branches of the experience; attention, memory and perception.

Along with extended content, the visitor can take part in interactive demonstrations of our mind's common devices and boundaries. These hands-on exhibitions lead the visitor to realize how our mind fractures and manufactures a perceived reality. Is your mind perceptive enough to recognize famous faces upside down? What is the maximum capacity of your memory? Can you pay attention to anything else while you read this? After playing these mind bending games and watching the expert interviews, you will realize just how easily manipulated and deceived you really are. Tweets, like the sparking of each neuron in your brain, generate a fragment of a larger idea. The conversation with experts and illusionists are integrated into the site as a real-time Twitter feed. So essentially we take each Twitter follower of #braingames and get them to feel like a self-aware neuron. Eat your heart out, Skynet.

"This website really baked my noodle!" stated NeoPangea's project manager Phil Krick. "It astounds me when I play the games on the site and find that things I took for granted as truths are not necessarily so. I thought I could trust my eyes and my brain, but it turns out that they've been lying to me my whole life! Why did you do it brain? Is this revenge for all of those episodes of 'Dancing with the Stars' we watched together?"