Titanic Game Released
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Titanic Game Released

"Adventure on the Titanic" is a thrilling interactive role playing game (RPG) where you travel as a passenger aboard history's most infamous ocean liner. NeoPangea brought their technological craftsmanship to bear while collaborating with the National Geographic Channel to create this stylized and educational game.

The "Adventure on the Titanic" game is based on a day in the life of a passenger aboard Titanic. You can choose your character from a variety of First Class elites, each with their own strengths and personality. Like, Mr. Harold Appleton, a smooth talking futurist who can talk his way through any situation; or Edith Chillenham, who's fortune and family name gives her access to exclusive social circles.

The game's rooms, characters, and quest cards are all classically beautiful illustrations of the actual people, places and things that would have been found aboard the Titanic. Players can revel in the ornate décor of the ships various rooms and accoutrement. From the detailed tile in the Turkish Baths to the leaded windows in the First Class Smoking Lounge - much of Titanic's eye-catching lavishness is painstakingly reflected in detail.

The game is played through the dealing of "Quests" in the form of illustrated quest cards. These quests become part of the player's itinerary for their voyage. They guide the player through an exploration of Titanic's opulent spaces and introduce them to the historical personalities that were Titanic's passengers.

The flavor of the quests themselves is drawn from the historical anecdotes from the passengers and events that were part of Titanic's maiden journey. Players will be able to experience momentous events like; sharing a discussion about Women's Suffrage with Margaret Brown or finding binoculars belonging to Fredrick Fleet, the Titanic's lookout.

While playing and completing quests you acquire "clout"Whether by returning a lost item, making friends with the crew, or rubbing elbows with Titanic's elite, the "clout" a player earns raises their overall prestige which may come in handy should any emergency strike the Titanic.

For a more personalized experience, you can connect Adventure on the Titanic to your Facebook account. Your character becomes one of your family's ancestors, taking your last name. Additionally, this mode of play opens the door to sharing your boarding pass and successful quests as badges. Players can invite their friends to play the game and may even experience a chance encounter with a Facebook friend during the course of their adventure.

"Adventure on the Titanic" marks the most recent piece of digital artistry to come out of NeoPangea's relationship with the National Geographic Channel. The collaboration has produced countless award-winning internet experiences that have been marked by both the Webby and National Addy awards.

"The game is an elegant piece of "edu-tainment". The quests are so arresting that I hardly felt like I was learnin stuff!" stated NeoPangea's quest writer, Phil Krick. "This turned out to be a ship-shape game that's resplendence is unsinkable!"