UN Foundation Initiative
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UN Foundation Initiative

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the Alliance at the Clinton Global Initiative conference. "People have cooked over open fires and dirty stoves for all of human history, but the simple fact is they are slowly killing millions of people and polluting the environment," Secretary Clinton said.

The team at NeoPangea is proud to announce their involvement with the United Nations Foundation's Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves website design.

Every day, half the world's families cook their food on wood, dung, and other biomass-burning open fires or traditional stoves that are inefficient and polluting. As a result, about 1.5 million people die prematurely each year — a life lost every 20 seconds. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves envisions a world in which clean cookstoves erases this unnecessary loss of life. To jumpstart progress towards that ultimate goal, the Alliance is targeting the adoption of clean cookstoves by 100 million households by 2020. The Alliance will target the key barriers to the development of a robust commercial market for stoves including common standards, supply chain development, strong stove performance monitoring and evaluation, and consumer awareness. The time is right to change the way the world cooks.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private partnership that aims to save lives, empower women, improve livelihoods, and combat climate change by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions. The Alliance's ‘100 by 20' goal calls for 100 million homes to adopt clean and efficient stoves and fuels by 2020. The Alliance will work with public, private, and non-profit partners to help overcome the market barriers that currently impede the production and use of clean cookstoves in the developing world.

The website is the primary component of a global campaign designed to promote the goals of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The site details why this effort is so crucially important. It offers resources to Blog and explore Media, Publications & Reports and Events. Use links for Partnership Opportunities and Donations to become a part of this initiative. NeoPangea hopes that everyone surfing the web will put down their microwaved Hot Pockets and take a minute to help this undertaking.

"It feels good to be a part of a humanitarian effort like this. We've enjoyed working with the extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff at the UN Foundation. Hopefully this will be the first of many ways we can help combat suffering." NeoPangea Creative Director Brett Bagenstose noted. "It also makes us feel pretty important when requests come through from Secretary Clinton."

Make a difference, visit: www.cleancookstoves.org


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The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a new global initiative led by the United Nations Foundation to provide 100 million households with access to clean and safe household cooking solutions by 2020. The goal of the Alliance is to save lives, improve livelihoods, reduce climate change emissions, and help meet the Millennium Development Goals in poverty, health, gender, and the environment by spurring the global adoption of clean and safe household cooking solutions. The UN Foundation is forming the Alliance together with the Shell Foundation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization, UN-Energy, and the U.S. Department of State, in cooperation with other leading non-profit organizations, foundations, universities, companies, governments, and UN agencies. The UN Foundation and its partners will launch the Alliance in late September at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.