Oak Island Dig

Fig 607a. HISTORY

Format: Game c.2015

Centuries-old intrigue finds new life in retro gaming form as the search for an enigmatic buried treasure continues on a panoply of modern devices. Flout the curse at your peril, and commence your excavations if you  dare!

Steeped in 8-bit charm and informed by more than two centuries of perplexing lore, the Oak Island Dig game provides the thrill of treasure seeking without any risk to life and limb. Now, you can dig down into the treacherous depths of Oak Island in search of retro gaming fortune and glory from your favorite desktop browser or mobile device. The origin of the quest came at the end of the Golden Age of piracy; in 1795, a lengthy and deadly treasure hunt began on Oak Island, a small parcel of land off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Despite many years of determined excavation, the search has yielded very little of significant value, although it has claimed six lives and cost millions of dollars. HISTORY'S The Curse of Oak Island follows the adventures of intrepid fortune-seekers as they continue the hunt using the most sophisticated tools the island has ever seen.

You’ll sport a mining helmet and wield your trusty shovel to recover as many genuine Oak Island artifacts as you can before the island claims your life. Each charmingly pixelated relic you unearth will reveal another tantalizing clue about the island’s history. Avoid the deadly water traps and falling boulders, and collect digging tools to speed up your search. The deeper you dig and the more treasure you collect, the greater the chance that you can etch your initials into the global leaderboard. In addition to the full game, an extensive campaign featuring interactive banners offers a quick, playable demo to recruit new adventurers. Somehow, faithful dreamers and resolute speculators are still drawn to its dark mystery after more than 220 years of disappointment. The secrets of Oak Island lie deep beneath the surface, so start digging!

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Dig for Buried Treasure!

Grab your shovel and dig down as deep as you can to discover the secrets of Oak Island. Beware the deadly traps and avoid becoming the island's seventh victim!

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