Keystone Vintage Lumber

Keystone Vintage  Lumber

Format: Branding c.2014
Fig 549a. Keystone Vintage Lumber
Keystone Vintage Lumber

Timber! Skilled craftsmen and purveyors of fine reclaimed wood products are heralded with electronic and physical finery befitting their  talents.

When you compare the quality of wooden structures and furniture made at the dawn of America’s beginnings to the mass-produced fare of today, antique woodwork is far more appealing thanks to its superior materials, build quality, and character. To help conserve these irreplaceable treasures, the skilled craftsmen at Keystone Vintage Lumber have made it their mission to reclaim and repurpose the finest antique lumber our country has to offer. Their considerable talents yield truly unique and beautiful wooden creations, but their marketing needed reimagining. Sensing kindred spirits, they chose us to help them remake their company image, website, and marketing collateral in a manner befitting their artistry.

To emphasize the Old-World charm present in KVL’s products, we photographed these artisans in action in their spacious work environment and showcased the antique miscellany that is part of their daily operations. These photos became the driving force behind the complete re-design of their company website. Discerning shoppers can see detailed galleries of featured materials for sale, as well as examples of finely crafted furniture and housewares that add an air of antiquity to any home or office. For those who might ponder the origins of KVL’s finely-aged materials, we even speculated about one acorn’s journey through the decades in an original, illustrated piece of fiction.

Project Services

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Marketing Collateral

We also re-imagined KVL’s marketing collateral and imbued it with the style and charm present in the company’s wares. A fresh, vintage-style company logo now adorns distinct black business cards, half-inch-thick wooden gift cards, and other items to promote the business. This top-to-bottom rebranding now gives potential clients a quick, stirring impression of a company with a unique vision and a distinct sense of style.

  • Distinctive Business Cards

    Distinctive Business Cards

    Charcoal black business cards featuring striking light text stand out in a crowd.

  • Wooden Gift Cards

    Wooden Gift Cards

    These unique gift cards are heirloom-quality works of art unto themselves.

  • Promotional Cards

    Promotional Cards

    Vintage styling on these promotional cards helps to reinforce the KVL brand.

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