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Format: Website c.2021

Grow into a happier and more balanced “you” with EarthRight herb and spice supplements from the wise sages over at  McCormick.

It has long been known that ayurvedic spices and other wellness herbs could help bring balance to people who ate these natural ingredients daily. Nowadays though, supplementing your diet with these holistic remedies can be hard if you don’t have a knowledgeable, sustainable source. That’s why we were thrilled to help our friends at McCormick bring EarthRight to the world online. They wanted to create research supported spice supplements that were made with safe and reliable food-grade herbs and spices. Coincidentally, we wanted to write plant puns and craft beautiful tapestries of verdant greens and vibrant roots. These two missions turned out to be a perfect match, and we were able to use our expertise to establish the visual strategy of this budding brand through their look, feel, and voice. We then expanded that aesthetic into site and social designs (both organic and paid media) as compelling as they were informative.

Like impassioned gardeners, we’ve been collaborating alongside McCormick’s product innovation team at every step of the brand’s growth—pruning and nurturing the very best visuals and messages until we formed the perfect identity for EarthRight and the ecommerce site we helped them design and launch. Because of the saturation in the supplement space, we knew it would be vital to find an authentic—while still independent—attitude unlike any of the medicinal or fitness-focused products available. Our solution lay in one of McCormick’s foundational areas of expertise: food. The EarthRight online experience focuses on the health and wellness benefits that come naturally from eating different fruits, roots, and herbs while also teaching consumers which supplements bring together these ingredients to let you benefit from their targeted benefits. The result is deliciously easy to digest, compelling to the eye, and an inviting first step to a more balanced lifestyle.

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