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Adventure on the  Titanic

Format: Game c.2012
Fig 273a. National Geographic Channel
Adventure on the Titanic

Take a quest to become the toast of the Titanic by rubbing elbows among High Society and the ship's crew. Go by the boards and keep afloat on this luxuriant "Ship of  Dreams".

"Adventure on the Titanic" is a thrilling and educational interactive role playing game (RPG) where players can travel as a passenger aboard history's most infamous ocean liner. Players choose a character from a variety of First Class elites like an irascible English gentleman or a charming Southern Belle. Then, by completing quests players are guided through an exploration of Titanic's opulent spaces and historical passengers. Exciting moments like — sharing dinner with Capt. Smith in the First class dining saloon can lead a player to a memorable chat with the "unsinkable" Molly Brown by the Grand staircase.

From the detailed tile in the Turkish Baths to the leaded windows in the First Class Smoking Lounge — much of Titanic's eye-catching lavishness is painstakingly reflected in detail.

For a more social experience the game can be played using Facebook. This opens the door to sharing game content like boarding passes and badges for successfully completed quests. Players can invite their friends to play the game and may even experience a chance encounter with a Facebook friend during the course of their adventure.

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