Brain Games Season 4

Format: Website c.2015
Fig 573a. National Geographic Channel
Brain Games Season 4

An all-new array of Brain Games quickly unravels the mysteries of the enigmatic Mind Matrix, revealing formative secrets unbeknownst to even the most self-aware psychonauts.

The human mind is a beautiful, complex machine that still harbors untold mysteries for even the most dedicated brain scientists. For the fourth season of National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games series, we gave brainy fun-seekers the tools to reveal the secret of their Mind Matrix by measuring the strength of different facets of their mind. A total of 80 unique, challenging assessments including puzzles, optical illusions, ethical quandaries, and more provided an ever-changing view of the mind of the participant.

The more Brain Games activities a user completed, the more accurate the Mind Matrix result could become. As each episode assessed the mental machinations of participants, those who logged in using Facebook were compared to their friends, revealing strengths, weaknesses, and compatibilities. Are you super detail-oriented, but not terribly creative? You and a disorganized-but-imaginative friend might be able to help each other. Book-smart and practical? Work with a street-smart dreamer for the perfect pairing!

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