National Geographic Channel


Format: Game c.2014
Fig 553a. National Geographic Channel

Indulge your undersea architectural fantasies as you sculpt your own electrified aquarium simulacrum. The pageantry and splendor of the oceans is on full display and yours to command with a mere  touch!

National Geographic Channel’s Fish Tank Kings have built an empire on a foundation of mind-blowing custom aquariums of all shapes, sizes, and themes. With this spirit of innovation and creativity in mind, we created an interactive custom fish tank builder that enables anyone to wield creative power that would challenge the might of King Triton himself. Fancy a tank laden with sugary treats to create a candied fish palace? Sounds sweet! Wonder if polar bears, flamingoes, hermit crabs, and clown fish can co-exist in a subaqueous Paris? Mais oui, mon cheri! The choice is yours.

Created in HTML5 to run smoothly on desktop computers as well as iPad 3 and higher, the Build-a-Tank interactive features a boatload of selectable elements. We pushed the limits of the CreateJS library to enable users to create their ideal underwater wonderland using a colorful selection of fish, themes, bases, backgrounds, and décor. Our proprietary Æmotion Engine allows fish to react to different stimuli with startling realism. For a truly unique tank, photogenic designers could snap selfies or photos of anything else in this wide world and upload them as backgrounds.

Project Services

  • Conceptualization
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Design

Make It Your Own

  • Decorate Your Way

    Decorate Your Way

    It's your tank... Make it look like an orange creamsicle if you want to!

  • Free to Create

    Free to Create

    Focused on fish? Never mind decorating... Spend your budget however you want!

  • Custom Backgrounds

    Custom Backgrounds

    Any image can be captured, uploaded, and used as a backdrop, enabling infinite customization possibilities, from beautiful to weird.

  • Name Your Tank

    Name Your Tank

    Your tank, your rules... Call it whatever you want!

Mish Fadorium's Fish Emporium

Fish magnate and irrepressible ladies' man Mish Fadorium explains how Nat Geo WILD's "Fish Tank Kings: Build-a-Tank" works. If this doesn't convince you to give it a try, nothing will.

Share Your Creation!

After each tank has been expertly arranged into timber-shivering splendor, proud designers can feed their fish, tap on the tank glass, snap photos of their creations, and even invite their friends via social media to interact with their live tank and then build their own. Even after other Internet adventures lure tank owners away from their masterpieces, these digital works of art will still be waiting for them when they return. Best of all, these amazing creations never need cleaning!

Imagine your gorgeous seascape teeming with realistic, exotic life. A hermit crab scuttles past a sunken pirate ship while an excitable puffer fish inflates overhead. A curious scuba diver investigates a glittering treasure chest next to a gently swaying sea anemone. The soothing tranquility of a deluxe saltwater aquarium is now available to anyone, anywhere, free of the concerns of cost or maintenance.