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How Prepped Are  You?

Format: Website c.2012
Fig 446a. National Geographic Channel
How Prepped Are You?

Huddled and shivering in a decaying cabin with a single musket, half a skin of water, and a raging case of cholera is no way to face the apocalypse. Improve your odds of surviving creeping doom by exploring this interactive  experience.

Unless you're happy to hunt potentially irradiated vermin and consume barely-potable water, you may not be prepared for the end of civilization as we know it. The “How Prepped Are You?” disaster preparedness interactive walks contentious planners through assessing and potentially improving their chances for survival during extreme, cataclysmic events that are both natural and man-made.

Would-be survivalists answer a battery of questions regarding their resources and abilities in several different categories: water, food, shelter, security, and X-factor, a collection of attributes including mental fortitude, communication readiness, access to transportation, and more. Participant responses are scored and compared to the ratings of “preppers” featured on National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers reality series.

Although potentially shocking, an estimated duration of survivability in times of strife is revealed based on the participant's overall score. Dismayed to learn that the end of a functional society probably leaves you with less than two weeks to live? Fear not! Weaknesses in the emergency readiness of the participant are identified, and pointed suggestions are made to improve one's chance of extending survival during a disaster.

The flexibility of HTML5 delivers this animation-rich tool on both desktops and mobile devices without compromising the experience. The intuitive controls work equally well with a mouse or a touch screen, and stylish graphics, sliders, and radio buttons serve as cheery counterbalances to the decidedly serious subject matter. Even while locked, loaded, and pondering extinction from the safety of a subterranean safe room, one still enjoys a bit of color, yes?

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