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Dr. Pol Vet Rescue

Fig 601a. National Geographic Channel

Format: Game c.2015

Quickly swipe and match mammals and maladies to help this legendary medicine man rescue adorable animals in need of your loving  care.

Dr. Jan Pol’s charm and trademark dedication has been transfixing Nat Geo WILD audiences for years. The playful, investigative nature of the series made it an ideal inspiration for addictive puzzle gameplay. Now, fans can join this paragon of the veterinary arts as he saves the day for a wide range of animals in distress, from the pugilist pit bull pup to the mighty equine. The members of the Pol team always have their hands full, but whatever the prognosis, Dr. Pol is there in a flash, ready to dispatch a cure for animals of all kinds throughout rural Michigan. Bringing hours of entertainment to the small screens of desktop and mobile devices, our captivating game is the perfect complement to The Incredible Dr. Pol series. Disclaimer: it’s wildly addictive!

Dr. Pol Vet Rescue challenges players to save distressed animals alongside the seasoned vet. Serenaded by the sounds of playfully illustrated fauna, game players can traverse a level map by meeting skill-based scoring goals while gaining helpful animal tips along the way. Connect like objects vertically and horizontally to advance the board, or form a square to clear an entire category at once. Keep a watchful eye on the health meter to prevent your under-the-weather animals from succumbing to their infirmities! Players of all skill levels can cultivate that warm-and-fuzzy feeling by resolving tricky scenarios based the doctor’s own experiences. Between wrangling rogue animals and complicated calf births, there’s no shortage of excitement for Dr. Pol and his team!

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