Eat: The Story of Food

Format: Microsite c.2014
Fig 569a. National Geographic Channel
Eat: The Story of Food

Gastronauts, sharpen your knives, don your finest bibs, and rejoice! The sizzle of steak, the crunch of kale, and the undeniable beauty of butter are but tiny morsels of delight in this sweeping, multi-millennial exploration of the history of food.

A savory feast for the eyes, National Geographic Channel’s Eat: The Story of Food offered gourmands and casual diners alike plenty of delicious content to whet their appetites for the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday. This tasty, six-course miniseries provided a fun, informative look at the foods that fuel the world’s population and offered insight on how they shaped mankind. With episodes dedicated to grains, fish, food revolutionaries, sugar, guilty pleasures, and meat, the series presented a calorie-free taste of the past, present, and future of what we eat.

To serve up a second helping of content, we took foodies and their many varied palates along on a visual narrative journey through the ages via their desktops and tablets. Each episode was accompanied by a veritable smorgasbord of interactive content that was sure to make stomachs rumble by highlighting important milestones in food history. From the first cave dwellers learning how to cook meat with fire to bioengineering the lab-grown beef patty of tomorrow, each topic was explored through multiple eras.

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